Organic Vegetables, Fair-Trade Coffee and Other Sustainable Food Service Products

Organic Vegetables, Fair-Trade Coffee and Other Sustainable Food Service Products

  • 3 Korean Barbecue Dishes You Must Try

    Going out for Korean BBQ is a fun experience, and restaurant tables typically have small barbecues built into them for diners to watch and take part in their food preparation. Almost any meat can be used, but beef, pork and chicken are popular. The meat can be grilled plain or come marinated, and it's served with a few small side dishes, dipping sauce, and large lettuce or cabbage leaves to stuff the meat into.

  • What to Include in a Point of Sale System in Your Food Service Business

    A point of sale system is vitally important for any retail environment, but it may need to change when it comes to the features it offers for each type of business. This is especially true for the food service business, where each customer's order may be unique and tailored to them and where proper inventory levels are vital. Note a few things to look for when it comes to point of sale equipment in your food service business so you know you get the right system and it's working properly for you.

  • Pairing Wine and Seafood: A Quick Overview of Basic Rules

    To truly bring out the flavours in your seafood, it's important to pair each dish with the right wine. This can often be slightly daunting, and, though the general rule is simply to use a white, there are still plenty of varieties to choose between. Here's a quick overview of what to pair with some common seafood options. For Simply Served Fish, Try a Dry, Crisp White Most fish have delicate, subtle flavours that demand a light and unimposing wine.

  • Catering for your kid's 1st birthday party

    While 30 years ago all that catering a kids party might have needed was a plate of fairy bread and a bowl of chips, kids parties have been getting bigger and more elaborate and the catering has also become much more important. If you are planning a first birthday party, here are some things to consider. Ratio of children: adults First birthday parties are often as much of a celebration for parents having survived the first year of their child's life!

  • Spit Roast Catering: The 3 Best Cuts of Pork Meat

    Pork is actually a lot healthier of an option than what most people perceive it to be, as different cuts possess different qualities. Lean pork chops contain less than 4.7 grams of fat, more than 30 grams of protein, and is considered to be less fat than skinless chicken breasts. There are also other cuts that are fattier and juicer for those who are more concerned with texture and taste. Spit pork roast catering typically involves the whole pork, so you and your guests can choose the type of cut that is best for your needs.

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    Organic Vegetables, Fair-Trade Coffee and Other Sustainable Food Service Products

    When you order food for your restaurant, catering company or shop, you engage in a political, social and environmental act. Depending on your opinions in each of these categories, you may want certain products or products backed by certain ideologies, and it can be hard to know what's important and how to pick the best products for you. Hi, my name is Tatiana, and I am an advocate of environmentally friendly, worker-friendly food. In my years as a researcher, traveller, server and pub manager, I have learned a lot about working with food service companies in a way that reflects your ethics. Want to learn more? Explore these posts.