Organic Vegetables, Fair-Trade Coffee and Other Sustainable Food Service Products

Organic Vegetables, Fair-Trade Coffee and Other Sustainable Food Service Products

Pairing Wine and Seafood: A Quick Overview of Basic Rules

by Nino Caron

To truly bring out the flavours in your seafood, it's important to pair each dish with the right wine. This can often be slightly daunting, and, though the general rule is simply to use a white, there are still plenty of varieties to choose between. Here's a quick overview of what to pair with some common seafood options.

For Simply Served Fish, Try a Dry, Crisp White

Most fish have delicate, subtle flavours that demand a light and unimposing wine. If you're ordering up a very simple fish dish, say baked trout, without very much in the way of sauce or dressing, then opting for a dry, crisp white will usually be a good idea. Anything else will be a little overwhelming. Pinot Grigio is a perfect choice, and it's unlikely to be missing from any restaurant's wine list.

For Fried Seafood, Try Sparkling

Fried seafood is a delicious treat; it demands something a little bolder than a simple dry white, but nothing that will take anything away from the underlying flavours. For this reason, a sparkling wine is an ideal match-up. The bubbles will help cut through the weight of fried seafood dishes, so try a nice prosecco.

For Crab, Try a Full-Bodied White

Crab provides a rich, tasty meat, and is often accompanied by plenty of butter, so it needs a wine that is equally rich and vibrant. Pinot Gris, which is more full-bodied, thicker, and spicier than Pinot Grigio, which is made from the same grape, is an ideal match for a plate full of crab, especially if lemon has been used to bring out the crab's taste.

For Fatty Fish or Heavy Sauces, Try a Light Red

Reds seldom work well with fish alone, but a lighter red can indeed be a tasty accompaniment to fatty, meaty fish, such as swordfish. A lighter red, such as a Zinfandel or Pinot Noir, will also work well with fish dishes accompanied by tomato sauce, clam sauce, or spaghetti. Just avoid pairing it with any spicy seafood – the result is often an unpleasant metallic taste.  

For Shrimp or Prawn, Try a Simple White

Shrimp or prawn dishes are perfect snacks or starters in the summer – they really evoke al fresco dining on a warm summer's day. Again, a simpler white will work wonders, preferably anything that is unoaked and fresh. Pinot Grigio is, once more, a good option, but a lesser-known Muscadet is equally fitting.

Ordering the wrong wine can spoil an otherwise delicious meal; ordering the right wine can bring flavours to their fullest potential. Make sure you keep these rules in mind the next time you're ordering seafood.


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